Master of Magic Review

Master of Magic is a spin-off to the amazing Master of Orion series, and though this game never got a sequel, it's still very much worth checking out today.

Retro Games Based On Movies

I took a look at several videogames based on movies, including games based on Batman Returns, Jurassic Park, the Aliens saga and more. Expect to see Master System, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, Ms-Dos and Ps1 games!

Clockwork Knight Series Review

Clockwork Knight was a launch title for the Sega Saturn’s western release. It sparked a lot of interest with gamers and the press alike due to its impressive graphics, but does the game still hold up?

Xenon 2: MegaBlast

When you look at the genre’s history, the SHMUP has always been dominated by Japanese developers, Space Invaders, Galaga, Gradius, R-type, Thunderforce, Musha and even modern games like Deathsmiles and Dodonpachi.

But there were still a few western shmups which gained a fair bit of notoriety back in the day, like Raptor Call of Shadows and today’s game, Xenon 2: Megablast. 

Splatterhouse Review

Having gore as the central theme around a videogame is nothing new, though it's a practice which often comes under scrutiny from several pressure groups who wish to see it removed or toned down for fear of what effects they may or may not have on more susceptible minds. Often, when one thinks of controversial or violent titles from this period, thoughts almost always hover around Mortal Kombat and Night Trap

Yet, I would argue Splatterhouse is by far the more extreme example, but somehow, it managed to avoid such negative attention, likely due to it being launched a few years earlier and not being nearly as popular.

You can check out the full review on my YouTube video

Even more indie Gameboygames

Sometimes, one video just isn't enough to cover every game you want. So here Part 2 of Indie Gameboy Games video:

Modern Indie Gameboy Games

Do you like the Nintendo Gameboy? Sure you do! Super Mario Land, Metroid 2, Gradius, Castlevania, all great games.

But did you know indie developers are keeping the Gameboy tradition alive? In this video I take a look at several indie games developed with the Gameboy's limitations in mind for the 2016 #GBJAM. You can learn more about it in my video